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“Japan Concierge� will cordially help you from reservation to checking out.
Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.
A variety of hotel facilities such as a fitness room, a swimming pool, a large Japanese-style communal bathroom, etc. surely offer you a pleasant stay. Please enjoy using our facilities.

Japan Concierge

At this information desk, hotel staff members help customers have an enjoyable stay.
Services are also available in Japanese. Please feel free to contact this desk if you have any problems.

Picture�Japan Concierge

Dia Bath)


Ofuro & Sauna

Our Japanese-style communal bath is a daily haven of relaxation. Rooted in the ancient tradition of body-warming baths, it effectively relieves stress and enhances metabolism. Remember to stay hydrated before and after your bath for the best experience.



* Spa

In our on-site spa, we offer a wide range of treatments, from Indian Ayurvedic-style massage to Japanese shiatsu massage. Choose a treatment that suits your needs in our serene environment, providing a tranquil escape from Gurugram's busy life. Enjoy relaxation through expert therapies.

Fitness Room & Swimming Pool   Free for Hotel Guests

Picture�Fitness room

Fitness room

Picture�Indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pool

Picture�Poolside space

Poolside space

A fitness room is available for guests who would like to exercise comfortably. Come and work out on a variety of machines, swim in the indoor swimming pool, or enjoy both.

Hours Open

GYM 6:00~23:00 / POOL 7:00~20:00

「Momonoyu」�Shobunoyu� (Large Japanese-style communal bathroom)   Free for Hotel Guests

Picture�Large bathtub

Large bathtub

Picture�Washing area

Washing area

Picture�Bathroom vanity

Bathroom vanity

If you are tired from a long flight or work, we recommend our Japanese-style communal bathroom. The large bathtub helps you relax by allowing you to comfortably stretch out your legs.
We have separate bathrooms for men and women.

Hours Open

[ Men ] Mon-Fri 18:00-24:00 Sat・Sun 15:00-22:00
[ Women ] Mon-Sun 15:00-22:30 Sat・Sun 9:00-22:30(Currently out of business)
Final acceptance for overnight stay guests [ Men ] 23:30 [ Women ] 22:00
Final acceptance for external guests 22:00

Wellness Centre & Spa     [Hasu no Shizuku]

We offer an Indian traditional medicine that emphasizes preventive medicine (Ayurvedic treatments) in accordance with the constitution and individual conditions of Japanese people, as well as (Momihogushi) Dry massages, which are preferred by Japanese people.

<Contact for inquiries or reservations>
Phone:+91-99711 12421(Japanese only);
Visit Website:!


Hours Open

Monday-Friday/Holiday  11:00~21:00
Saturday  10:00~20:00


This gift shop supports traditional Indian craftspeople.
It offers high-quality handcrafts from all over India, such as stonework from Agra and traditional paintings from Orissa. Darjeeling tea leaves are also available for sale.

Picture�Gift Shop

Banquet Rooms (Conferences and Events)   Paid Services

Picture�Onyx-1 (50��60 peaple) 169m²

Onyx-1 (50��60 peaple) 169m²

Picture�Onyx-3 (20��25 peaple) 87m&sup2

Onyx-3 (20��25 peaple) 87m²

Picture�Japanese buffet style

Japanese buffet style

We have prepared a banquet of 5 different sizes that can accommodate up to 20 to 150 guests.
Please use it for the meetings, training and conferences along with the Japanese food.
Indian cuisine is also available.


Golf Simulator

We use the latest technology & software for the ultimate golfing experience. Enjoy high graphics gameplay on the world's most renowned golf courses. Rain or Shine, Day or Night, Cold or Warm, you can always enjoy with wellness golf club.

Golf Lesson for Boys and Girls

Here at Dia Golf Wellness Club, we offer several junior golf programs for kids aged from 6-7 years. Program Includes: junior golf lessons and self-practice. Golf is a wonderful game! It's the only sport where each competitor is the referee, player, equipment handler, and ambassador. It's designed to teach etiquette, patience, and goodwill towards your fellow competitor. Playing golf is also a great way to meet new people.

Our Junior golf program helps to foster and develop all aspects of the game. We teach younger players the values of honesty, integrity, and respect - both on and off the course.

Travel Desk (Sakura Holidays)

We are waiting with a placard to pick you up at the airport. 24 hours correspondence even at midnight and early morning flights.
Taxi arrangements during stay, Taj Mahal with guides and other sightseeing tours are also available.

Picture�Travel Desk

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