Privacy Policy

PUNIHANI INTERNATIONAL (hereinafter referred to as the "Firm") prescribes below the personal information protection policy, and undertakes to enforce the protection of personal information through the acknowledgement of its importance and efforts for such personal information protection ensured by all executive officers and employees.

1. Definition of personal information

The Firm shall comply with the relevant laws and regulations and define any information possessed by the Firm such as customer names, telephone number, email address or any information that identifies an individual as personal information. Such personal information shall be managed and applied duly and in an appropriate manner.

2. Management of personal information

To ensure that personal information retains its accuracy and safety, the Firm shall implement safety measures such as information security measures and endeavor to prevent unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destruction, falsification or leak of personal information.

3. Purpose of obtaining and using personal information

With the objective of providing the best products and services to customers, upon the permission of customers, the Firm seeks to obtain the necessary information of customers to fulfill that objective.
Personal information that is collected shall be used only for the notification of products and services, and within the necessity of achieving other similar purposes, and shall not be used for any other purpose.

4. Provision of personal information to a third party

The Firm shall not provide a third party with the personal information of customers without prior permission of the customers.
However, the following are exceptions to this rule.

  • When obliged by the laws and regulations.
  • When it is deemed necessary to protect a person's life, safety or assets at which time it is difficult to obtain a customer's permission.
  • When it is deemed especially necessary for the improvement of public health or promotion of healthy development of children at which time it is difficult to obtain a customer's permission.
  • When there is an obligation to cooperate with a national body, local public body or a third party commissioned to fulfill a task determined by the law, and in cases where there is a risk of obstructing fulfillment of the task by obtaining a customer's permission.
  • When consigning the handling of personal information within the realm of achieving the purpose of use.
  • When providing personal information in the case of succeeding a business operation due to a merger or for other reasons.

5. Personal references

When customers request the reference, revision or deletion of their personal information, it shall be addressed upon proof of identity.

6. Observance and review of laws and standards

The Firm shall comply with the applicable laws, regulations and other standards in connection with the personal information possessed by the Firm and endeavor to review and improve this policy as appropriate.

7. Contact us

Regarding inquiries related to the Firm's handling of personal information, please use the following inquiry form.

>> inquiry form
(Note) Personal information that is provided when making the inquiry shall be deleted when a response is made. The information shall not remain in the possession of the Firm.

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