Terms of Use

Article 1. Terms of Use

This Terms of Use applies to the services provided by PUNIHANI INTERNATIONAL (hereinafter referred to as the "Firm"), to customers. In using the services, customers shall be in agreement with this Terms of Use.

Article 2.Payment of room charge

Room charge shall be paid upon check-out by either cash or credit card.

Article 3. Reservation changes and cancellation

When changes are to be made to reservations, customers are requested to register the changes using this system promptly.
When this system cannot be used for some unforeseen reason, guests are requested to contact the hotel directly. In such case, the notifications of the changes or cancellations may not being sent.

Article 4. Cancellation fees

Cancellation fees shall be charged relative to the agreed room charge as follows:

48 hours before 14:00 on day of arrival : 100%
No show : 100% (in the event that customers fail to contact the hotel)

Article 5. Membership registration

An applicant registered with the Firm's designated form shall become a member of DPP Members Club.
Members are requested to set a personal password.
Membership registration shall require the provision of full name, telephone number, email address, gender, etc. When a change in the information provided arises, members are requested to notify the relevant change(s) as per the method prescribed by the Firm promptly.
Even where a person completed his/her membership registration, the Firm shall reserve the right to cancel the membership of any person who violates this Terms of Use or who is discovered to have violated the Terms of Use in the past.

Article 6. DPP Members Club admission fee and membership dues

Admission fee and membership dues shall not be charged.

Article 7. Members responsibility and indemnity

In using the services provided, a member shall be wholly responsible for his/her act or failure to act, regardless of negligence, and for any results thereof.
In using the services provided, if an injury or damage is caused to a third party by a member, the member shall be wholly responsible for resolving any disputes related to such injury or damage.
If a member caused damages to the Firm as a result of violating this Terms of Use, the Firm shall reserve the right to demand compensation for all the damages incurred against the member.

Article 8. Changing member registration information

Members shall delete or change their registered information online. Members shall change their registered information promptly when changes arise.

Article 9. Membership withdrawal procedure

Members shall proceed with the membership withdrawal online. Members wishing to withdraw shall process the withdrawal procedure using the online withdrawal form.

Article 10. Cancellation of membership

The Firm shall reserve the right to cancel membership without prior notification under the following conditions.

Any act or risk of act that violates the copyright, property right, patent right, design right, privacy policy and other rights of another member, a third party or the Firm.
Any act or risk of act against public order and morality, including any act of providing information that is offensive to public order and morality to another member or a third party.
Fraudulent use of user name (email address) and password.
Any violation or risk of violation of the law.
When contact cannot be made as a result of member neglecting to update changes in mailing address, email address, etc.
When a member has not logged in the Firm's website for third consecutive years since the date of registration or the date of last login.
Any other act that the Firm deems to be inappropriate behavior.

Article 11. Method of contact

When contacting through email, a notification shall be sent to the member's email address, and such a notification shall be deemed to be completed when the server storing the member's email address receives the email.

Article 12. Cancellation or suspension of services (disclaimer)

The Firm reserves the right to cancel or suspend the services provided on the website without prior notification to members under the following conditions. The Firm shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any disadvantage to members resulting from such cancellation or suspension.

In the case of regular or emergency systems maintenance of the services.
In the case where services cannot be provided due to earthquake, fire, power outage, or other emergency situation.
When the Firm deems necessary to suspend the services temporarily for any other operational reasons.

Article 13. Changes to website agreement

The Firm reserves the right to change the content of this Terms of Use without prior notification. Users are advised to confirm the Terms of Use on the relevant web page as appropriate. Only content following the changes shall be valid.

Article 14. Adapted language

Japanese is the language source of this Terms of Use, and all reference translations into other languages shall base its interpretation on the original Japanese text.

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