• Tasty Japanese Dishes

    Image� Tasty Japanese Dishes

    Authentic Japanese dishes are available at the Japanese restaurants Raifu and Raifu-tei c�(private room) c�. Our accommodation packages include the option of a Japanese breakfast.

    The breakfast will be served at the Cafe & Restaurant Honey on the ground floor.


  • Japan Concierge

    Image� Japan Concierge

    At this information desk, hotel staff members help customers have an enjoyable stay. Services are also available in Japanese. Please feel free to contact this desk if you have any problems.


  • Clean, Comfortable Guest Rooms

    Image� Clean, Comfortable Guest Rooms

    Our Japanese-style hospitality and services are also reflected in our clean, secure, comfortable guest rooms, which offer the optimal relaxation. Rooms range from Deluxe Rooms with reasonable room rates to the best Executive Rooms (with bathtubs).
    Fully installed Air purifiers, Washlet and hand showers in all the guest rooms will present you the further relaxation.

    Photo: Executive Room
    “Washlet” is a registered trademark of TOTO.


  • Large Japanese-Style Communal Bathroom

    Image� Large Japanese-Style Communal Bathroom

    If you are tired from a long flight or work, we recommend our Japanese-style communal bathroom. The large bathtub helps you relax by allowing you to comfortably stretch out your legs.


  • Wellness Centre & Spa Hasu no Shizuk

    Image� Wellness Centre & Spa Hasu no Shizuk

    We offer an Indian traditional medicine that emphasizes preventive medicine Ayurvedic treatments in accordance with the constitution and individual conditions of Japanese people, as well as Momihogushi Dry massages, which are preferred by Japanese people.


  • Banquet Rooms (Conferences and Events)

    Image� Banquet Rooms (Conferences and Events)

    The hotel has a variety of banquet rooms, which can accommodate 20 �150 people. These are ideal venues for business meetings and conferences, etc.

    Photo: A large conference room (Area:169m²/Capacity:50-60people)
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  • Travel Desk (Sakura Holidays)

    photo� Travel Desk (Sakura Holidays)

    We are waiting with a placard to pick you up at the airport.


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